Welcome to EOS 10!

Just looking at the title tells you all you need to know. Except, no, it really, really doesn’t.

EOS 10’s series premiere contains many things you might expect: establishment of the main cast, sufficiently grounded world-building, and a self-contained conflict that ties into a larger arc. In that way, it performs its meta job fantastically well.

However! It’s the quick and witty touches of light insanity that draw listeners, and also me, into the narrative for the long haul.

One of my favorite aspects of the episode as a whole is the instantly magnetic dynamic between Ryan and Jane. While Jane appears cold and aloof at first, all that falls away once she realizes who Ryan is—and, more importantly, what this means for Dr. Urvidian. Her laughter and delight at the misfortune that both Ryan and Urvidian draw upon themselves is an absolute charmer for me and really what makes me adore her as a character. She has a touch of schadenfreude wrapped up in vaguely concerning humor and just enough sincerity to make her a personal fave. (Also, unrelated, but Ms. Johns if you are free Thursday—)

Welcome to EOS 10 also introduces fan favorite Levi in his usual dramatic (or, more accurately, hysterical) fashion and also highlights his lack of affinity for pants. From his distinct “Hello!”, I was immediately hooked on this complete disaster of a character. So many names. So many titles. Sir, you are a dishwasher, and while the bussers from Food Court Delta may be on your side, you have no real power, and I love you so much. Also, congrats for giving rep for us sickly, waifish bitches. I feel seen.

Now let us not forget our anxiety king extraordinaire, Ryan Dalias. Truly the character of all time. He’s a doctor, he’s a recovering addict, he’s disabled, he’s got a giant forehead. He’s even bisexual! (Spoilers, sorry, not sorry.) This episode really is a perfect introduction to the audience. Frantic and frazzled, gelled well with the slightly unhinged charge nurse, mostly unphased by a pantsless Levi, and an admirable level of flippant to Dr. Urvidian… what’s not to love! Especially when he gets on Urvidian’s bad side. Entertaining for all parties involved. Also, side note, to this day, I still mutter “to you, miscreant, I say suck it” under my breath whenever the mood strikes me.

All in all, Welcome to EOS 10 strikes a wonderful balance of chaotic and sincere (necrophilia jokes aside, I like how we Never Touch That Again for the rest of the series) that makes it a brilliant guide to the story and the world in which it takes place. And it teaches us valuable lessons! Like the easiest way to be best friends forever is to bond over that one coworker you just… hate. Which is the most important lesson of all.

Also, author’s note: can someone please tell me how the fuck to spell “gim-jakh”?

Editor's note: Gimjaach.