Second episode, second post, second writer.

I don’t know what the weather is like wherever you’re reading this from, but over here? We’ve got it all! Lots of rain, an endless supply of dark clouds and that creeping coldness that seeps into your fingers and won’t leave your body until well into spring. Absolutely perfect weather for a nice and cozy EOS 10 relisten, I’d say! So, grab a blanket, a hot drink, and of course some snacks and let’s get into it.

Now, I’m pretty sure most of us will have listened to this and all other episodes multiple times before. Will have heard Levi say that most days he doesn’t expect to make it to dinnertime about a million times. Were there to hear Dr. Urvidian spell the word alcohol in a surprisingly emotional way, followed by a less emotional talk about getting turned on by cadavers more times than we’d care to admit. Said “fuck, this show is good” during at least the first five relistens.

If however, this is your first or second relisten, I'm not sure you'll notice certain important things right away so to you I say: Pay close attention. I'm not saying I'll quiz you on this, but I'm also not denying it. Kidding, kidding, no one likes a surprise test. I'll say that part once more, just in case there are any teachers reading this: No one likes a surprise test! Just put on a movie and give those poor kids some time off. Anyway, back to our favorite medical professionals.

See, part of the charm of a relisten is knowing what’s going to happen. Listening when you already know what certain characters are going to say and do next. Listening and being able to just stop what you’re doing to do your most dramatic Levi and Jane impressions or smiling to yourself as you think ‘Hey, I got that reference!’. Wait, you don’t do that? None of you ever stopped in the middle of doing chores, smiling like a proud soccer mom while staring at absolutely nothing as you remembered that this episode ends with Ryan saying he’s an addict for the first time? Just me? Hmm, sounds fake but okay.

Anyway, if this is your first relisten, you might start noticing some subtle and not so subtle familiar moments happening later on. Certain sentences that are used more and more, specific events that seem to repeat itself? I don’t know, it could happen. I guess you’ll just have to stick around and see. If you're like me and could have a prison wall full of tally marks for every relisten, you'll have no doubt noticed all these little moments and more years ago. Which just means that there’s so much more for us to discuss these next four months! I can't spoil all the fun in my first week, now can I. If Jane taught me anything, it’s to always leave them wanting more…

Coming up next week, 103 Airlocked and ... 104 Up, Up, Up.