Airlocked, the episode in which an unfortunate patient becomes the vehicle for Dr. Urvidian’s metaphors regarding his own personal biz, and Ryan is unaware of how good his ass is. (Or the episode where everyone knows Ryan is queer except Ryan.)

The third episode of EOS 10 does a lot of heavy lifting for a lot of weighty plots (Get it? Heavy? Weighty? I'll show myself out.) while couching it in some wonderfully goofy dialogue. Sure, Levi starts setting up Akmazian's redemption plot, Ryan and Urvidian start to patch the rift between them by discussing their traumas, and the Interface is as lovely as ever, but also? We're all here for Jane trying to set Ryan up with Osolong. That's just how it is.

However, since I'm supposed to pretend to be a professional journalist, at least for a bit, let's talk about the important bits.

One of the key facets of the first season's plot is tackling Ryan and Urvidian's former and ongoing struggles with substance abuse, which lends a really masterful depth to their interpersonal relationships and to the story as a whole, and Airlocked tackles the subject with a gentle charm. It's a mix of gallows humor and genuine understanding that feels incredibly grounded and self-aware, fostering a safe space for growth. And then Urvidian runs away from a hallucinatory gorilla, but that's an issue for another day.

And, of course, it can't be missed that 103 kickstarts the Akmazian plot. The long haul. The macro arc. The reason we're all here. It begins right here, right now, with a tiny little bacteriophage. Also, Levi kinda sorta being right for once, but he deserves none of that credit.

The subtle hints of A-plot tomfoolery sprinkled throughout the episode are clever and intriguing in equal parts. From a minor illness tied to a locked-off quadrant of space to Ryan's directive to the Interface (hello Interface <3) to alert him of any travel concerning the Adrarian Sector, it's just enough to catch your attention without ringing too many alarm bells. Of course, the whole thing explodes in your face over the next episodes, but in the meantime, it's really quite secretive about the whole thing.

ANYWAY actual plot aside, can we please get back to Jane being an absolute gem this episode? From her complete obstinance in the face of Urvidian's surgery mind games to literally the entire "How do you feel about men?" exchange, Jane brings a delightfully chaotic energy that elevates the entire story into a humorous absurdity. Then again, Jane is always delightfully chaotic, but I have made my entire body hurt trying to stifle laughter when she says, "In a… sex way?" in a way few other episodes have. And her whiplash comment? Absolute perfection in every way. What an icon. (This review brought to you by the Jane Johns Fanclub President.)

Anyway, moral of the story: Ryan's ass speaks volumes about his sexuality, and Dan Barry was just born to play dads.

Later this week, Soraya brings us her thoughts as we relistent to 104 Up, Up, Up.