EOS 10 episode 107, Promotions, dares ask the most important question: what if your imposter syndrome was totally warranted?

Okay, maybe not exactly, but shortly after Ryan and Levi achieve their respective next rungs on the corporate ladder, everything in their worlds goes to shit. Levi immediately gets poisoned (and also his sauces suck balls, apparently) and Ryan has to deal with said poisoning all by himself while his commanding offer's fucked off to Io and Akmazian is also just. There. Really makes you reconsider getting better at your job.

Maybe it's best to just stay mediocre. At least the responsibility isn't on you. And there's a lot to be said about going "this is above my paygrade."

However, for our intrepid heroes, this situation is well within their purview, and unfortunately they are rather fond of Levi. So they do, in fact, have to cure him.

One of the more intriguing parts of Promotions is Akmazian's first totally selfless good deed. While helping Ryan in episode five was an objectively positive thing to do, it came with the implied weight of being turned over to the Alliance, meaning prison at best and execution at worst. Akmazian didn't need to save Levi. He had no obligation to risk being captured to inform Ryan and company of the danger Levi was in. In fact, Levi dying probably would have tied up some convenient loose ends for him.

But he came anyway, because he wanted to help Ryan keep his friend alive. If I think about the implications of that for too long, I will curl up into the fetal position and weep. (I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm not fine.)

Also, we simply cannot ignore the wondrous nature of Akmazian's Robin Hood disguise. I have a distinct feeling he chose it partially because he knew it would piss Ryan off (annoying Dr. Dalias is Akmazian's love language, let's be real), but also because he truly thinks of himself as a folk hero, sabotaging the Alliance to save the people trapped in its grasp. Which is kind of what he is, if we're being honest, but also it's so cartoonish and silly you can't help but laugh.

The whole Robin Hood schtick is also delightful in that it puts a foot in the door to later Akmazian and Jane shenanigans. Without her recognizing his cloak and hood, would Morpheus have even happened? Who knows! Their dynamic is truly a highlight of the entire series; two mischievous little scamps hell bent on inconveniencing Ryan at every turn.

Promotions may also be the first time I openly cried listening to an episode of EOS 10, because dammit Levi grew on me. A bit like a barnacle, sure, but I like him so much nonetheless. And hearing him so genuinely helpless put me on the floor. I'm a sucker for humor stories that turn deathly serious, and this episode pulls off the transition masterfully.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

I'm really not fine.