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Apart from Muppets, this week’s The Caper has got it all. I’m talking cats, #jamgate and a regrettable tattoo. Yeah, we’ve all been there. And this week, we’re going back again!

Serious question, where does one start with an episode like this? I’m tempted to just start with Levi, which incidentally is also how the episode starts. So, unlike Jane and Ryan, let’s just go with it, okay? Because, come on, the thought of a possible outbreak on the ship is both exciting and just slightly reminiscent of the start of Antivaxx. Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about this time, as the source is not… Well, how can I say this in the nicest way possible? Reliable. Levi, my dear sweet hypochondriacal prince, you are a lot of things including a little bit of an idiot. But a reliable source when it comes to diseases, you are not. Still, I adore the hell out of you. Never change!

Now, Levi is not the only person I need to highlight, as there is one character whose actions this episode I feel deep within my soul. I’m talking, of course, about our boy with a flair for the dramatics, Ryan. First he’s bitchy towards Levi, then he’s snappy towards their badly tattooed patient, before quite literally screaming into a pillow? Same, babe, same. Luckily for all my “woe is me” people, it gets even better. Bring on the cute cat videos! I mean, is there anything more relatable than Ryan just lying around, grunting and moaning his way through a well-deserved pity party while watching cat videos? You’re a mood, you’re the moment, you’re an icon, Ryan.

Speaking of cat videos, let’s finally get into the main plot of the episode: Levi and Jane being kind, caring friends! I know, I was shocked too but it’s true. They care, though they usually have a pretty unique way of showing it. So let’s just remember that when (re)listening to the episode, okay? Whatever happens, they meant well!

The whole “let’s get Ryan a pet” adventure starts off quite innocent, with a reasonable request but quickly turns into kidnapping, bad accents (does Levi’s bad guy accent remind anyone else of Derek Zoolander?) and flirting. So much flirting! Sadly, none of it successful. Poor Akmazian. First you’re an alleged terrorist, then Ryan keeps pretending he’s not into you followed this week by both Jane and Levi try to make it * cue zipper noises * worth your while. It’s both a terrible and a hilarious attempt, but like I said: they.meant.well. And that’s what I love about it. Though they took a route that was very them, Jane and Levi ultimately had a very innocent goal in mind. And hey, they got there in the end. Hello Morpheus!