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Aside from sounding like a dubious drag name, Sergeant Popper manages to achieve a very strange ratio of shenanigans to real character growth. It's mostly shenanigans, but also I want to give Dr. Urvidian a hug afterward? He would punch me probably, but the gesture stands.

Sergeant Popper also features Levi's skills being remarkably relevant for the first time in human memory. He was, of course, incorrect about the actual reasoning, but had Dr. Urvidian actually been synthesizing hallucinogens in his quarters, Levi actually would have caught it time. And that in itself is commendable!

Everything afterwards is an absolute fucking disaster.

If anything, this episode proves that Jane, Ryan, and Levi need to improve their hijink-ing skills. The first basic step is coming up with a consistent cover story! I mean, come on, people! Granted, the comedy that arises from Levi haggling for a very expensive space dirt root is delightful, but it proves some serious flaws in the whole Stalking plan. (Also, backtracking, can we please commend Jane "Probably Because I See Weaknesses In Both" Johns for being the only actual Alpha Male that exists.)

Moving on, Ryan gets more of an eyeful than he ever bargained for and Levi tackles a dubiously old man to the floor! More at eleven.

One of the greatest reveals of Urvidian's character arc is, truly, madly, deeply, his passion for painting. It's just as much a surprise for the audience as it is for the characters around him, although it really shouldn't be. It challenges you to examine your preconceived notions about what a person can be passionate about, especially a recovering addict, and also uncovers such a soft side of an otherwise prickly character. Jane also gets elbowed a lot for being an insensitive ass, which she does deserve. Ryan taking Urvidian's Terran System painting home is a touching cherry on top of the whole ordeal, ignoring the whole "concussion" thing.

Last but not least is a moving conversation-slash-confrontation between Jane and Ryan about Ryan's whole "brain modifying implant" situation. There's a lot of trust being established there, especially in regards to letting Jane into the secret of the depth of Ryan's addiction, and also the ends Jane (and apparently Akmazian????) will go to scan Ryan's brain for forehead science. It's incredible and disturbing and I'm worried about what Akmazian was like after being in proximity to a naked Ryan. It can't have been pretty.

Moral of the story: if you need to stage an intervention, do not involve Levi. Ever.

Someone will die, and it might be you.