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An episode full of dating advice, feelings, and multiple mentions of coffee? This might be the closest EOS10 has ever come to being like an episode of Friends.

Let it be clear that we’re no strangers to romance here on EOS10. Things like attraction, love, and other interactions have come up many times in the past. I mean, who could forget a certain alien aphrodisiac? Exactly! This time it’s a bit different though. Because this time, Dr. Urvidian is the main man when it comes to love. In terms of needing dating advice. And maybe also needing some more social skills.

We start with Ryan post-Gallifrey, being rightfully suspicious when Dr. Urvidian keeps asking about his shore leave. His first thought is that someone died and honestly? It’s a pretty relatable thought process as Dr. Urvidian is being unnaturally nice and it’s kind of scary. Did anyone else originally expect him to be sick or under the influence of some alien plant, before the whole dating question came out? Sometimes, it’s the grumpiness in a person that we secretly fall in love with. As soon as that’s gone, it's like you’re talking to a different person. And well, Dr. Urvidian is definitely one of those grumps we love to get exasperated by.

The episode is not just about the whole advice situation Ryan and Urvidian are dealing with though. On the other side of the station - I don’t know if that’s true location wise, I just like to be dramatic - The Interface, Jane and Levi are also talking about feelings by discussing things like Ryan’s physique, Levi’s failed marriage proposal and The Interface’s crush on Ryan.

Now, one of the things I love most about this episode is the fact there’s no BIG thing going on. There’s no adventure, no weird illnesses and no alien related storyline. Jane and Levi don’t have an evil scheme and the Interface is not trying to kill anyone. Yet it’s still an episode that feels like a tennis match because you want to be fully there for both storylines, maybe even more so because of the fact that it’s dialogue heavy in a personal way instead of a ‘insert cool EOS10 related terms here’ way.

It’s an episode that gives us new insights into the feelings of our little space family while still being hilarious and relatable. I mean, Ryan and Urvidian doing a date run through and Urvidian being the most grumpy old man ever is something that can actually be so personal. I honestly think I’ve started appreciating it more with every relisten, especially with me slowly becoming that grumpy old man myself.

Lastly, you just gotta love a show that can have a character say “Feelings are subjective, a feeling can’t be inaccurate” followed by other smart things, then less than three minutes later have that same character say the iconic sentence “A lusty round of ball whacking”. I mean, the range!