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As it stands, Eat the Peas comes at an interesting turning point in EOS 10, caught between a rock (Akmazian's trial and ensuing intergalactic corruption investigations) and a hard place (being literally thrust into another timeline where Akmazian doesn't exist). On the whole it's actually a rather peaceful episode, even if Jane does get impaled through the abdomen with a metal pipe right in the cold open. Honestly, I was fully prepared to write this episode off as a bit of comic relief, the metaphorical calm before the storm, and then I remembered it gave me an excuse to talk about Jane Johns again.

I would apologize, except I have nothing to be sorry for.

Throughout the series, it's obvious Jane has a lot of issues with her fragile mortality. And why wouldn't she! She's an assassin, she's seen first hand how ephemeral life can be, and compared to a lot of species, humans are just a tiny blip in the endless stream of time. It makes all the sense in the world that she would have a hard time reckoning with the speed at which her own death is advancing upon her. Not that I would get it, it's not like I lie awake at night turning over the same thought in my head for hours and hours until the sun comes up. Ha ha ha. Ha.

Oh no.

In all seriousness, though, the scene where Jane reassures the man with the newly implanted face that it's all gonna be okay is absolutely delightful. Seeing her direct what she herself needs to hear onto a proxy for herself who, let's be real, can't fight back is really jarring and also refreshingly honest. Deep down under all that posturing, she is a woman who comes face to face with death every day in every form it can take and still tries to come out smiling. And it's hard. It's really, really hard, and hearing her have to reckon with the toll it takes on her is a gut-wrenching piece of storytelling.

And then we get to Levi Picture-of-Dorian-Gray-ing it with Dr. Urvidian and throwing an absolute tantrum when art has the audacity to take time and patience. "People of Aryan 7 find it difficult to sit still for extended periods—" shut up, king, you just have ADHD.

Of course, the pinnacle of the episode is Levi and Ryan's lunchtime play-by-play of Jane and Osolong's interactions. Everything about it is choice, but the baseball organ music and canned applause underscoring the whole thing really takes it to the next level. That, and Urvidian's smugness about being invested but pretending not to be. He would never admit it, but Urvidian's just as much of a nosy bitch as the rest of them.

This is why we love him.