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This is a mandatory directive, everyone get up and clap and cheer for Death Becomes Them, my favorite episode of them all. Of EOS 10? Of any show ever? I'll never tell.

From the very beginning, Jane's recap monologue takes you right into the action, railing on and on about the dangers of the station and also Levi's plant collection habits with the most captivating line delivery this side of the galaxy. You are immediately in it to win it, although you may be winning an endless cycle of rage-filled life and a surprisingly itchy death, courtesy of the shiny nanobot evil space dirt. Not the best prize in the world.

Let's make it very clear: I love when characters go crazy. Like, balls-to-the-wall death wish unhinged, and Death Becomes Them delivers in a big way. What could be better than Jane, Levi, and Ryan all hurling obscenities and rifle blasts at each other in remarkably quick succession? That's right! Nothing!

I feel like I need to join in. Fuck! Shit! Ass! Fuck again!

Okay I'm done, let's move on.

Episode 301 is a perfect balance of absurdity, ominous foreshadowing, and the wildest heartbreaking plot twist you can possibly conceive of. It's got murders left and right, unsettling discussions of Ryan's implant and those affected by the artifact on the Orchid, and the reveal of, "...Who the hell is Akmazian?"

It's awful and sets such a turbulent tone for the rest of the season. Hell, the rest of the series. Both the audience and Ryan have the rug yanked out from under them and suddenly everything they thought they knew is gone and wrong. And of course it's a cliffhanger, so you gotta listen to the next one, which absolutely does not answer any questions. It's so disorienting and a little bit scary and will someone come pick me up? I'm getting gaslit by the universe.

Honestly, Death Becomes Them might be the peak of the series. The patter is on point, the characters are at their strongest, Levi gets a gun, and you cry a lot by the time it's over! It really is the alignment of everything that makes the series so loveable and the number of times I've relistened to this episode really attests to that fact.

Now go grab your rifles and murder your friends!