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Almost every post I’ve written has started with one simple question: Where the fuck do I even start with this one? Important moments are a safe choice, right? Well, as this a typical ‘I could listen to this one on repeat’ episode, there are lots of important moments. Main plot be damned, I do what I want and I want to focus on some of my favorite bits! Like the fact that a character can say ‘It was not that long ago that I murdered both of you’ and we as listeners just nod along thinking ‘yep, that definitely happened’.

From talking about how there’s no time like the present – Which, how dare you? Even years later, the wound is still fresh, thank you - to Levi running around screaming his head off, you know right away you’re in for another wild ride with this one. After that lethal and slightly heart-breaking start to season 3, you might think that we’ve finally reached a moment to just take a breath but nope, this is EOS 10. So of course, we’re hit with sentences like ‘- your friend has vanished into thin air’ and are expected to simply move on. We’re supposed to be normal about all that is happening and being said, even as Ryan responds with ‘He wasn’t my-‘ and what’s left of our hearts breaks just a little further.

It's not all doom and gloom though. There’s talk of Jane being in yet another food court fist fight, Urvidian’s great right hook is mentioned and I’m just left being intrigued. Also, this concept feels like something a cooking channel should jump on right away. Or maybe it could be used for one of those theme weeks on Great British Bake Off? I might have to make some calls after I finish writing this…

Also, there she is! The Aldrovanda Vesiculosa, better known as Audrey II! She’s feisty, she likes man blood and she would look great in my new living room. And I’m off again. Whenever I hear any mention of this lovely plant, I of course think of Little Shop of Horrors. Which in turn makes me sing my favorite songs in my head. Which then means that I can’t listen to the next episode after this one, because I have to put on ‘Dentist’, stat! It’s delightful in a murderous way, both the musical and this plant. You know, just like a Jane & Levi team up!

Let’s also not forget that the iconic ‘man with cat’ is mentioned! I don’t know much about art, but even without having ever seen this fictional painting I know it’s better than the works of Rembrandt and Van Gogh combined. There, I said it! But more on that painting later, let’s say we’ll discuss it at sunset? Am I trying to be cryptic or just slowly losing my mind? Honestly guys, I don’t even know anymore. I guess that’s just how we do things here at Shay-Lavee.