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Coming in swinging to 304, Maddox, we get almost complete confirmation that Ryan's gone off the deep end in about six different ways. Which is, of course, entirely understandable, but also a little bit worrying for everyone's sanity and physical safety.

One poorly glimpsed security briefing and Ryan is convinced the new chief of security (hi, Maddox <3) is evil and resorts to recruiting his patently insane friends to stage what was probably supposed to be a heist? I'm not sure. Zorro costumes are involved. Also, the proposed scheme doesn't even get to resolve itself since it gets hijacked by an impromptu group therapy session. Chekhov's empath, who knew.

I would like to take a second to discuss the character of Maddox, who I remember as a fascinating one. He's maybe-evil, we still don't know, he puts up with Ryan's paranoia and anxiety and general neuroses, and he's also supremely gay. What a guy! And his entrance to the series is just as delightful as he is.

He also picks up on the dynamics of the definitely-illegal shenanigans that half the station's staff gets up to on their breaks and is completely chill with it. After all of this series's nonsense, I appreciate a man who can roll with the punches.

Also, on an unrelated note, I do want to shout out Jane and Levi's secret code names. King Cobra? Sexy Beast? Even the rejected ones, like Black Death and Royal Overlord are just perfect. Not so good for anonymity, but they are extremely funny. As are Dr. Urvidian's infinite hats.

Last note on this rollercoaster of an episode, but I'm obsessed with our resident empath. Not only for forcing the characters we know and love to break down crying about long forgotten traumas, but for breaking up a heist for sing-a-longs and hugs. And, of course, we know her presence is what makes the Admiral finally go to jail for all his space crimes. So she's cool in my books.

Anyway, t-minus approximately four episodes until gay Ryan is confirmed and I cry again.