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We’ve had plague ships, solar storms and exploding archives. There’ve been many murderous thoughts, Levi’s been eaten by a Christmas tree and who could ever forget that Ryan’s penis almost exploded. But the horror scenarios don’t end there. Because this week, we’re jumping right back into it with every cook’s worst nightmare. That’s right, we’ve got a mass food poisoning situation on our hands. And this time, paging Dr. Forehead is not going to cut it. Grab your popcorn, we’ve got whistling patients to save!

As the lifeforms on the station – including Dr. Urvidian - start dropping like comatose flies, Ryan is off on his own adventure as he may have been shoving his implant’s check-up to the bottom of his to-do list. Seeing as the examples mentioned earlier are only some of the things that have happened to this poor man, who can really blame him. I’ve never been through even one percent of space-chaos and there was a gap of four years between my last two dentist appointments. So yeah, definitely no judgment here, Ryan.

Mere minutes after his arrival, Dr. Ecobar is ready to crack Ryan open like a piece of seafood, right after taking a crack at joining the ever growing group of people hating on Ryan’s forehead. Can’t this man ever catch a break? The answer is a definitive ‘NO’, as shown by the arrival of “civilian medical staff member Ben”, who bears a striking resemblance to a certain alleged terrorist.

Back on EOS 10 it wouldn’t really be an adventure if our gang wasn’t involved in some way, now would it. So of course, the food poisoning seems intentional. And of course it’s caused by Taveric root, which has no known antidote and which up until quite recently, had been safely tucked away in Levi’s storage. If Minerva McGonagall had been on board, she would no doubt spend half her time asking why is it always you three?

With Urvidian out of commission and Ryan in recovery, it’s down to our favorite duo to save the day by hunting down giant, scary-ASS rats. No, not you Osolong and Cardiff, I’m of course talking about Jane and Levi. They venture down to the ship's Netherlands, where Jane uses all the words she could find in the dictionary under the letter D. As someone from the non-fictional Netherlands, I not so secretly agree with all of them. Yes, both the not so nice d-words as Levi’s addition that it’s also quite delightful. And, unlike these fictional Netherlands, our Netherlands are surprisingly free of giant rats. I’d love to give you a tour, Jane. Call me.

Wait, did I forget something? Oh, right: Add in a sprinkling of who/whom discussions, Levi being dragged off by one of the giant rats and Dr. Ecobar and Ben being unnecessarily cryptic while still being on opposite sides of the ‘Ryan is a hunk’ debate and you’ve got yourself another wildly entertaining episode.