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We’ve made it to another one of those episodes that has shamelessly ruined my life. Curious why? One word: Horace. I’ll just be doing my laundry, minding my own business and suddenly, there’s a grumpy old doctor saying ‘You’re a skulky skulker’ somewhere in the back of my mind. Doing a relisten of the episode did not help with that fact at all, thank you very much. It’s moments like these that I’m extra happy I live alone, with no one to witness me laughing to myself. Though I kind of ruined that now by telling all of you. We’re all friends here, right? This is a judgment free zone where your forehead can be as big as your love of culinary confections.

Still, it seems like a weird sentence to focus on as it has nothing to do with the rest of the episode. Though, doesn’t it? There’s Levi’s lecherous and treacherous siblings trying to destroy him, we have Ryan and Dr. Urvidian basically stalking Jane and lastly, don’t forget about the Interface. There’s nothing skulky skulker-ish about the Interface this time, I just wanted to mention her.

Back to the royal rascals. Not only do Xander and Cassy – we’re close, I’m allowed to call them that – get the introduction they deserve, we also quickly learn just how devious they are. The fact that they’re behind half of the things we’ve been through these past few seasons, including the freaking plague ship reaching out to EOS 10? True icon behavior. This episode also taught us the sass runs in the family, as all three of them score an A+ in that department though Levi wins this week for me. Him being sarcastic towards Maddox is something no one knew they needed until this episode first dropped. Now, all we crave is more. Go on, royal prat, this is your Mean Girl era and I’m here for it.

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about the beautiful and wildly talented Amelia Rose. Oh yeah, it’s Comic Con time! Apparently, our Jane is everyone’s favorite assassin. Did I say assassin? I meant child actress, hah! Just a small slip of the tongue… So, we’re at a convention, complete with cosplay and frighteningly bad questions at panels. Good to see some things never change, no matter how many years pass. I’m talking about seeing some amazing cosplay, not the second-hand embarrassment inducing panels. While Dr. Urvidian hates everything about it, I would pay good money for a ticket to this con. I mean, come on, a panel and hopefully a photo op with Amelia/Jane? Take all my money!

Now, I’ll leave you with this advice for those who are spending New Year’s Eve and/or day with their family. If certain family members are obsessed with your love life, like mine are, Ryan has got the perfect strategy: Run away! If it could potentially work with Urvidian, it’ll definitely work with your nosy aunt.