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Now, I'll be real with you, beloved listeners, this is the episode that well and truly broke me. Emotionally, sure, but also because I had no fucking clue what was going on. (This was only partially because I have a really hard time differentiating Ben and Maddox's voice actors but shhhhh.)

The Event is truly a beast of a season finale; government conspiracies are uncovered, clever traps trap some people, and also everyone's crying? For some reason? Also there are more time paradoxes I can barely follow, it's fine. Well, a lot of people have vanished into the ether and Akmazian's still gone, but it's mostly fine.

Much of this episode's content is explanations for the past two seasons of confusion, but it's laid out in such a way where I leave feeling even more lost than I was when I started. Sure, I understand that the Admiral broke and then changed the timeline, blaming Akmazian, but I have no idea what Dr. Ecobar's deal is now, especially considering what I know about season four. Also, what's Ben's whole situation? I'm not even sure he knows!

I will say, 308 offers a lot to us in terms of Jane and Levi competency. There is nothing more delicious than a plot well-executed, and Ryan's crew's takeover of the Olympus is bordering on brilliant, even though no one did wind up getting Jane Squared. From the wiretaps to the curator's empath juice (no one give me any other names for her neurotransmitters, it's empath juice now) it was a clean and bloodless takedown of one of the most powerful people in the Alliance. And we should be proud of them for that!

Then, of course, we have to go home and face the fact that, though the Admiral's been arrested, Akmazian is still gone. It stings a little less, but it still stings because despite the vindication, knowing he was right and he was framed, he is still missing from this world, and may continue to be for as long as we can imagine.

Which is just painful! Thanks!

Anyway, The Event is more of a rollercoaster than just about anything that came before it and I'm not entirely sure what's real anymore. See you all in season four!