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Hello and welcome to season four! It really hasn't been that long, but boy howdy, with the passage of time these days, who knows!

Anyway, I've come to you all today with a mournful apology: I fell right into the post-credits trap of The Event and completely forgot that VERY MANY PLOT THINGS happen in those last few minutes. Like, a tying up of just about every major subplot from the first three seasons. And I forgot about it.

So! Here's a recap and also a hanging up of my EOS 10 expert cap in regret and shame.

Ryan's queer! He and Maddox went on a date! Ryan and Akmazian definitely kissed at least once and there was a weird gay thing going on between them! Urvidian is Ryan's real father! That's a lot of information and so much of it is incredibly important!


Who's Your Daddy starts with the narrative equivalent of a right hook to the jaw, whammying you with a perfect reversal of Ryan talking Urvidian down from his ledge-based tantrum in season one, and also with the realization that Urvidian pretty much always suspected Ryan was his son, and Ryan thought the Admiral was a piece of shit before we knew about the genocide thing. Which is a lot for the first two minutes, but we're here now, so we might as well get used to it.

Because now we're into the whiplashing of a brilliant Jane-and-Levi yelling scene that contains lines which I still quote to myself to this day and the setup of the episode, and then after that we get Maddox saying the most lovely things to Ryan! I cried during that scene! A lot! This episode will not let you rest ever, just when you think you're safe… "maybe you just have some beautiful golden scars."

And onto the cage fighting match! Jane does some murders, Ryan and David have a failed date, Jane does some more murders, Ryan and Urvidian try to kill each other to process their father-son issues, Jane does some more murders, and Ryan is successfully cheered up in the world's most roundabout way. I swear, it really is a moving episode, there's just a lot of… everything.

I should also point out, this episode originally aired on my birthday?

So when I tell you I screamed when it was revealed that the Silent Storm was somehow docked in the station's impound you need to know the level of sheer feeling that went into it. Because it was hard to comprehend.


*some timeline jumping caveats may apply