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Let me just start with a small PSA this week, okay? Kicking or hitting big, solid objects is never a good idea, no matter how much you feel like you want to. The only loser is going to be you and your bruised, if not broken, toes or hands. So, if say, your maybe somewhat boyfriend disappeared because you were thrown into a different timeline, but his ship somehow shows up? Don’t physically assault that ship! You will not win, trust me. Unless your maybe somewhat boyfriend is like one of those candymakers who constantly posts reels online and has a ship made out of marshmallow, of course. Kick that sucker as hard as you want. Wait, I’m getting off track. Where were we?

Right, Ryan is slowly losing his mind. Welcome to EOS 10, I guess. No, but seriously, considering the ship did show up completely out of the blue, losing one’s mind seems like a fair reaction. Though it’s no shock to anyone, it is nice to get confirmation that the ship's quantum signature doesn’t match this universe either. It’s even nicer to hear that it does match something, and that something is Ryan. While the Interface manages to use this fact as a way to insult Ryan, it made me foam at the fucking mouth the first time I heard it. Oh yeah, give me all these breadcrumbs, I will solve this mystery! Now please, put down the laser torch, honey. It’s not going to work.

Speaking of foaming at the mouth, remember when I told you all about how 3.06 had ruined my life? Well, consider this the sequel as Dr. Urvidian is back with another iconic quote to get stuck in your head for no apparent reason. Oh yeah, it’s ‘You’re a lurking lurky lurker’ time! I love you and I hate you, Dr. Urvidian. Why couldn’t you just be a boring old man, huh? Was that really too much to ask? Just one bland character in this sea of kooky characters? Rude.

Of course, typical of me to be over halfway through a post before even hinting at the main storyline: There’s a new private practice clinic on the promenade. A fact Ryan completely misses as he’s too busy attacking and talking to a ship. Who’s the clinic’s biggest fan, I hear you ask? Our favorite hypochondriac, Zorro…I mean, Levi. Who else? Though Jane and Dr. Urvidian don their best disguises to sneak in, they’re quickly found out. Guess someone didn’t flush the catheter.

Well howdy, it’s Dr. Ecobar! And she may or may not be trying to steal all of their patients and doctors, including Dr. Dalias. The gang does the only thing they can think of: They start telling Ecobar everything from lies to slightly changed truths, to make Ryan look like a terrible person and an incompetent doctor. What they don’t know yet is that Dr. Ecobar doesn’t want Ryan. At least, not like that.