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You know, coming back to relisten to Morpheus, I knew it was a wild episode, but after not having really processed it for over a year, it's way more bonkers than I remembered. Stuff makes more sense than it used to, stuff makes less sense than it used to, the cat is still a hot, naked man—totally normal—and my brain is about two more revelations away from exploding into a million tiny pieces. So, basically just another Tuesday on EOS 10.

This episode has a lot of hits, and also a lot more "what in the actual fuck is going on"s, but for now, let's focus on the hits. Namely, Jane and Ryan bonding about the stupidity of space math, Ryan bickering with now-human Morpheus, and also Jane kicking Urvidian in the balls. The highlights!

Honestly, a lot of this episode is mostly yelling "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" at the top of your lungs until you get an explanation right at the very end, which certainly makes for a dynamic episode of podcasting. The Silent Storm is back and there's a big bomb on it and Ryan's becoming a late stage calc major and oh no everything's horrible. Dr. Urvidian's become a kaiju! There's a big golden river flowing through the promenade! Also the cat is a man now? Still wrapping my head around that one.

But, this episode also solves a lot of the questions left over from the previous seasons. Now, we know roughly what the issue is (the Admiral messed with the fabric of time but did so imperfectly, hence all the incongruities), why the world hasn't completely fallen apart (Ryan, Morpheus, and the Silent Storm are tethering the new universe to sturdy points), and have an entirely new problem on our hands (one of the anchors has been blown up).

Also, Ryan effectively knows how to time travel now? Block time theory, baby! Everything is happening all the time, you just gotta figure out how to come at it and make it happen for you!

All in all, big stepping stones in this episode, weaved in between a lot of great jokes and a rapidly spiraling corkboard situation. There's a lot clicking into place, and also a lot more questions posed after fixing the first ones? Like, why was Morpheus a hot man in Ryan's subconscious? Why was Dr. Urvidian so tall? Why was Jane basically the same? But let's be real, would we have it any other way? Of course not!

Oh, God help us all.