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Wow wow wow we're already more than halfway through season four! How the time flies!

Also Ryan's evil now! Don't even worry about it!

Honestly, this episode's got everything: Ryan/Interface banter, discreet poisonings, pink hair, the Interface encouraging increasingly terrifying acts of violence, surprisingly levels of sincerity from Jane, and also Ryan's evil! I said that already but I feel like it bears repeating! He's evil!

From the very beginning, So Who's Evil Now? is a rush. Everyone's talking, Ryan's obsession with fruits over the past few episodes starts to make more sense, he's in control but also he's not, also the Interface is in his brain? Because his implant mutated? Don't ask me how that works, I still haven't quite figured it out. There's a lot of scientif-ish stuff happening regarding the Tonosphere and neural networks and I need a nap actually.

While the events of this episode are worrying, to say the least, I also think Ryan deserves to snap a little. He's been holding it together too well, given everything, and being a bit murderous is just the enrichment he needs! And he's killing Ecobar! She sucks! I say let him have his fun!

Oh wait I just remembered he also turned off the Interface and trapped her in his brain.

I take it back, kill him immediately, that's my GIRL! Or at least, girl adjacent sentient computing system. The story is already so much emptier without her. I miss her so much. Interface, please come back.

Honestly, I don't have a ton of coherent thoughts about this episode, other than gushing about how much I love the Interface, because most of the episode is just the Interface being so cool and full of good banter! And Ryan is there too, I guess, but he gets the rest of the podcast to be about him, and I intend to show all my support for the Interface when I can.

We're now in the final stretch, everyone. Three more episodes, and then we're at the end. At least, the end of what's currently available. I hope you're all buckled in.

It's gonna be a wild ride.