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This is it, everyone. After four far too short months, it’s time for my last relisten related post. Don’t worry, Juno will be there to hold your hand for the last two episodes but for me, it all ends here. I guess it got too late too soon, huh. So, for one last time, hop onto my back as we take a trip down 4.06 memory lane together.

Speaking of memories, let’s just get right to it: As soon as Levi, who is not dying, pulls his pants back up, we learn about a memorial service. Ah yes, we’re at that point in time where Levi is mourning the apparent death of his second-best bestie. Instead of sitting around moping and crying like I would, judging from how I react to fictional people dying – currently still looking at you, Stranger Things – let alone the deaths of actual living beings, Levi is busy pulling out all the stops. He’s read up on all the important earth traditions and so, of course, this memorial should include:

  • Lots of fireworks
  • A ship battle  #JusticeForJane #LetJaneFireCannons
  • A parade

Can I quickly go on record to say that yes, I too want all of this after I die? Thanks!

A moment later, we’re pushing Paul Hollywood out of the way as we head into the big white tent for the Bake Off episode of our dreams. Seriously, why did Urvidian ever think Jane would be the best support system here? Instead of constructive criticism, Jane goes into ultimate judge mode. None of the bakes are quite up to her standards, there are soggy bottoms all around and the surprise technical challenge simply ends with the word ‘bake’. For how long? At what temperature? It’s insanity and that’s just how we like it. Though can you imagine this happening on actual ‘Bake Off’? Ten amateur bakers just screaming and crying while reading the instructions, a few frantically shoving the hands of competitors into pans of molten sugar like some culinary Hunger Games? Shit, I’m giving Jane ideas now, aren’t I? In terms of favorite delicious baked goods situations, I’ll safely stick to the ‘Jaffa cakes, cake or biscuit?’ case, thank you very much. In case you’re wondering: They’re cakes!

It’s not all fireworks and baker’s instinct, of course. That would be way too easy. We need something more, something…different. Ryan, this is your cue! With pink hair, pink eyes and, after a one-on-one rehearsal for the memorial, cape and scepter, Ryan is ready to shake things up in a big way. There’s slow clapping, fast clapping, mentions of waking up in a coma and Levi not getting the subtle art of sarcasm. Just a regular day in the life of evil Ryan, I guess.

And just like that, it’s time for the iconic ‘It’s hunting season’ ending. Just that moment, with the music slowly fading out? That’s exactly how I’d like you to imagine this post ending too. Just slowly fading out…