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One! More! To! Go!

But in the meantime we're on a hell of a ride because it's Heroes and Villains time, baby! An epic showdown between a violence–inclined nurse and a newly cartoonishly evil doctor said nurse kind of wishes was her brother! It spans planets! Solar systems! Galaxies even! There's… a lot of editorializing, but don't even worry about it, because this episode contains the one thing everyone needs:

Ryan and Jane being bitches.

This episode is peak sibling dynamic between them, from the storytelling to the epic cliffside battles, and it really represents everything I love about them. They may posture and yell but at the end of the day they both care for each other so much, to the point where Ryan literally turns evil and says the most horrible things and Jane comes out of it pretty much okay. That may be in part because she got to kick, shoot, and stab him in revenge, but hey, at least she's managing.

All told, it's a bit hard to tell what their epic cross-system chase actually entailed. Jane changes the details so much no one really knows what parts are real and what parts are embellished. I personally choose to believe it's all true, mostly because it's funnier that way, but also because she deserves the glory of cracking Ryan over the head with a pool cue, even if it didn't actually happen.

Heroes and Villains is really a pivotal step in Ryan and Jane's friendship dynamic. They've obviously been ride or die for each other since the beginning, but hearing it laid out plain, that Jane truly admires the space Ryan fills in the sister-shaped hole in her heart, is horrible and beautiful and so truly wonderful. She loves him, and he loves her just the same (at least, when he's not being a supervillain). What could be lovelier than that!

Also, this is one of the world's worst cliffhangers, I will say. Horrid timing, horrid surprise, and horrid things awaiting us.

Oh boy.