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Well, folks, here we are. The end of the river. Feels crazy to say, but we're finally on the last episode of this crazy ride. What a feeling, huh?

I was gonna open with some goofs, because that's really been my thing over these past months, but Beautiful Golden Scars honestly leaves you feeling such a profound loss and love it feels almost inappropriate to joke about it. People have died, friendships have been tested, the Interface and Levi are back… It's almost too much to make comedic.


For all its grandeur and spectacle, the current series finale of EOS 10 is not above some humor-as-a-defense-mechanism japes. There is, after all, a lot to laugh about before the heartbreak. Levi's miraculous return! His siblings! Ben showing up out of nowhere! Dr. Ecobar's entire supervillain schtick! It's all completely hilarious!

But also, there's a lot to mourn, too.

This episode has made me cry almost every time I've listened to it, most notably while attempting to keep a straight face in a public gym right when it first dropped. Losing Urvidian after everything they've gone through is an unexpected, horrible punch to the gut that gets to me in a way few other fictional deaths have. And then the reunion with the Interface afterward, with that music under it all, and even Jane and Levi being uncharacteristically somber… Who wouldn't sob, after all of that?

Also, the post-credits scene? At the end? Where Ryan asks to put everything back? What a FUCKING PLOT TWIST. Just as you're starting to get comfortable with the new reality, Ryan makes the executive decision to try to reverse everything! I can't even call it "fixing" it, because the realities are so different from each other that you lose just as much as you gain! Also also, important addendum, fuck the Admiral, for real. No one likes that guy.

In the end, season four of EOS 10 leaves off in a surprisingly confusing place. Parts of it are hopeful, others bring nothing but a looming sense of dread, and I don't think any of us have a clue as to where it will go next. Beloved characters missing a loved one, protagonist slowly turning toward a questionably dark path, it's a lot to take in.

But, dear readers, take it in we will. And to whatever comes along, we welcome it with eager open arms.