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Hello, good day, so glad to see that you’re still with us! Now, before we dive into it all, can I just quickly talk about that little moment between Levi and Ryan? I mean, I get that Levi has certain qualities. But why isn’t Ryan more surprised when he thinks Levi’s asking him out on a date? He just instantly rolls with it, even suggests a more romantic location. Why are you so on board with this? We all love Levi, but our favorite cloak wearing beauty is right there, babe. Right. There.

Anyway, moving on! This isn’t the dating episode, after all. Been there, done that, kept the heads of the fallen to prove it. No, this is her episode. From the moment the Oracle shows up and tells Levi he’s “grown highly” and he responds with a giddy, almost childlike ‘Nearly a meter!’, I was lost. If there’s one show that’s good at making me fall in love with a lot of (side) characters at once, it’s this one. This whole relisten is basically one endless and unsuccessful blind date, emphasis on blind.

So come on, show of hands: Who, like me, is an absolute sucker for her adorable vocabulary? It just reminds me of certain moments, like when my parents are trying to speak English. It’s cute, honestly not even that bad and I love that they’re trying, but sometimes random vowels get thrown in and I just want to pinch their cheeks and coo at them. Same goes for you, Oracle. You’re doing great, sweetie!

Speaking of cheeks I want to pinch, this is also the episode Ryan finally finds out about the link between Akmazian and Morpheus. Though I have to ask, really? This option never crossed your mind, Ryan? Not even once? I get that being eye-candy for Akmazian and the Interface to drool over is a full-time job next to your already full-time job and all. But I just, I expected more from you.

Now, when mentioning eye candy, I naturally also have to mention Jane. Oh yeah, look at how smooth that segue was. What? It wasn’t smooth at all and I have already used up all my segue-slots? Shut up. Remember when Ryan was talking about things like the Oracle and conspiracies? And the only thing poor, hungry Jane focused on was ‘fortune cookie from hell’ before going into a ‘snaaaacks!’ mindset? I felt that. Jane, darling, I have never loved nor related to you more than in that moment. We shall only serve cookies at our wedding.

…And just like that, we’re almost at the end of season two! Though I’ll be sad to once again leave this reality and Akmazian behind, I’m also excited for the adventures to come. I guess that’s the power of a relisten. You know what’s coming and though that also means you know what you’re about to lose, the good things up ahead are enough to keep you going.