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After weeks of gushing about our favourite medical professionals, alleged terrorist, and deposed prince, I’m finally going to pay one other specific ‘person’ the respect they deserve: Dearest Interface, this one’s for you!

Since we never do anything the easy way here, an episode with Interface in the title of course features a plasma storm, an unknown amount of damage and no way of contacting the possibly injured on the skeleton crew that is still left. If this was Hollywood, you’d have The Rock running around with some almost life threatening wounds before miraculously saving the day at the last millisecond.

But this is not Hollywood, this is the world of EOS10 which means that although all this epic stuff is happening, we’re mostly focussing on one thing and one thing alone: The Interface, now sentient and more spectacular than ever. Like that bitch Iris would say, it was about damn time!

Sure, the Interface has had a bit of room to show off already, but the real fun is only just beginning for the, as Ryan would say, amazing interface whose voice I honestly want to hear in my head 24/7. If Lena Winter could narrate my life like some Lindsay Lohan movie from 2004, that would be great, thanks.

Ignoring the blatant disrespect towards Lady Gaga (Let’s be real, even a million years from now, Poker Face will still be an absolute bop) in the first few minutes, this episode is pretty perfect. We get to spend a lot of time with the Interface, who in turn wants to spend a lot of time with Ryan and Ryan alone. From being incredibly sassy to trying to kill Levi, Jane and Dr. Urvidian, we’re getting our first real glimpses into the ‘brain’ of this being with so much more to come. Though it’s a relisten and we know what’s up ahead, I gotta say: I can’t wait!

A small non-interface thing I just have to mention is how much I love that Levi, who can do some pretty terrible things when no one stops him, often does what Ryan tells him to do without questioning it. Like when Ryan tells him to wait in an exam room in Antivaxx? He goes and waits there for a solid 90 minutes. Here, Ryan tells him to go, read a book and sleep. And he does, as we later find out. Though, a book on human history is definitely not the most entertaining thing he could’ve chosen. Maybe he just couldn’t find his copy of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? Yep, I made a bad Levi/pants joke and I am NOT sorry.

The only thing I can’t quite figure out is which random bit from this episode I love most. Is it Levi’s excellent “Son of a motherless goat!”? Or is it the subtle callback when the Interface says “Hey, hello, remember me? About to kill your friends over here”. Decisions, decisions.