This episode was a bit of a tough one to write about. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great one and has been great from the moment it came out. But the minute the pandemic hit in 2020, this episode started hitting closer to home than ever before.

Look, you kind of know me by now. I’m all for weird and hopefully slightly funny posts and trust me, there will be many more of those. But I also just want to share every single thought I once had or currently have about all the episodes I get to write about, you know? With this specific episode, I simply cannot jump into it without making it about the past few years. We all lived it, maybe some of us are still living it and for us fans, this episode is a part of that life.

When Antivaxx first came out, it was already one many people found themselves nodding along to. We all heard these fictional medical professionals voice some very real concerns about people who think vaccines are hocus pocus and killing kids. It was refreshing hearing them being called stupid and dangerous in such an honest way in what is essentially a piece of entertainment. But hearing Jane, Ryan and Dr. Urvidian (I’m still not sure if I’m allowed to call him Horace yet) talk about the fact that these anti-vaxxers feel like it’s basically their right to infect others has, at least to me, never been more relevant than in these last two and a half years. I found myself thinking about this episode a lot, especially whenever an anti-vaxxer debate or protest was shown on tv.

I’m pretty sure that everyone that has (re)listened to this episode these past two and a half years has had the same feelings. I also know that during that time, most of us have thought about using the Levi method of dealing with these anti-vaxxers. So let me use this moment to applaud you all for taking a different route to deal with it all. Let’s save the whole destroying things idea for a later moment, shall we.

For now, I raise a glass of a definitely not banned alcoholic drink to all of you and encourage you to stay positive. Think about cupcakes, kittens and how much more to the point those endless press conferences would have been if Jane had been the one giving us all the necessary information. You know I’m right.