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What do you get when you mix people talking about Ryan’s exquisite ass, found family interactions and time being, well, a tricky little bitch? You get a seemingly normal episode, just what the doctor ordered. Right? Wrong. So very wrong, just like Ryan being pulled from his own timeline. It’s fine, I’m over it. It’s just raining on my face right now.

We join the gang shortly after the UAS Sunset crashed into the docking ring. After some space walking, and some puking, we learn all about quantum displacement. Because somehow, the Sunset is out of quantum phase…just like Ryan. Even now, years later, I still feel that little tingle of excitement whenever I hear this episode. Sure, we all had ideas and theories but there was so much going on every week that some of us got distracted. To then finally have an episode that fully addresses it, instead of having just one or two heart-breaking references to it, felt fucking huge!

There’s much to love. I know it’s set in a fictional future yeaaaaars from now, but I still love it when things like 2012 and ancient humans are said in the same breath. It just works for me, you know? Also, as a basic bitch with a love of timelords, I’m a sucker for time travel. Though it’s illegal in the world of EOS 10, it’s no less exciting and intriguing. Interestingly, the concept of time never made me sad before EOS 10. I wonder who I’d be right now, without this show. I probably wouldn’t get sad whenever someone said that it had gotten late, that’s for sure.

But don’t be fooled, we’re not just all about huge, life changing events this week. Thanks to Dr. Urvidian, we’re also thinking about Ryan’s ass. Now there’s a sentence you don’t hear every day! Though, in this fandom, maybe you do. Because of his perfect painting and the image that won’t ever leave his brain, we find out that the little penis-almost-exploding incident also happened in this timeline! Sadly, it seems Akmazian wasn’t involved. And we’re back to square one. Although, not completely… Oh right, we also learn that Levi has a brain like a sieve. Seriously, who forgets something like that happening? I wish I could borrow Levi’s brain sometimes.

Had enough fun during that art break? Good, because it’s time for more life changing stuff as Ryan sneaks off to the shuttle bay. He’s not alone for long though, with Maddox coming in, Jane apparently already in the shuttle and Dr. Urvidian, Levi and even Raul showing up not much later. After a heartfelt goodbye from Dr. Urvidian, he leaves, taking Raul with him. Maddox is off too, but not before he hands Ryan a little gift from the curator. Honestly, I had forgotten about this gift the first time I listened to 3.08 which made that reveal even bigger! Hmm, guess I do have a brain like Levi’s sometimes. Off to Adrarian Prime we go.