You know how an episode can sometimes have an obvious message or important plot point at the center of it? How at the heart it’s about choosing to do what is right over what is easy or maybe simply about the sheer stupidity of being against vaccinations? Okay, cool. This is not one of those episodes. See, this episode is about three things and three things only: Criminal siblings, the word throughput and smoking hot holograms. I’m kidding, of course. It’s also about an underappreciated Sherlock reference made by Levi. I mean, really? It’s elementary, my dear Maddox.

Fine, I’ll stop trying to be funny and go straight back to being cheesy. At the heart of this episode, there’s Levi’s heart. Not for the first time either, as this man is kind of a pretty good friend. Had he been just a bit more of an egotistical fallen royal, half of this episode would never have happened. But no, he had to be a secret good guy. Well, partial good guy. I hate it when characters are complex and well thought out. Again, fully kidding.

We know the bond between the Interface and Levi is a special one, especially from Levi’s point of view. It’s therefore not that surprising that he wants to do something special for one of his closest friends, like helping her become an actual part of his world. To achieve this, he needs the team-up of the century. Though no one but Jane seems to agree with me on that. Weird, it’s like no one can appreciate backstabbing and a surprising fear of flamingos anymore.

Now, in this episode, like so many others before it, very smart sounding things are being said and somewhat explained. I bet there are people out there who are just like ‘Ah, of course, that makes sense’, whether the science discussed is real or not. I…am not one of those people, no matter how many times I listen to these episodes. I’ll just stick to smiling and nodding until it all makes sense in the end.

Speaking of sounding smart, everyone knows that throwing a Shakespeare quote into a conversation will fool anyone into thinking you’ve read at least one book or seen at least one play in your life. Everyone knows this, including the Interface. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a fan or not, some of his works are just quotable as hell. Sadly, the Interface doesn’t seem to be in control of these intense sounding sentences coming out of her mouth. As our mental Scooby-Doo’s let out a loud ‘Ruh Roh’, luckily there’s Dr. Ecobar to calm us down…said no one ever. Our resident Dr Evil definitely needs her own ‘Agatha All Along’ song. Within seconds, we’re jamming that sucker in there, craving all the grapes and waking up with the soothing voice of the Interface in our head.

Uh oh, just when did Ryan turn evil, you guys? That 4.05 relisten can’t come soon enough.